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Georgia Quail Hunting

Directory of 55 Georgia Quail hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Georgia.

ATCO Plantation
PO BOX 606, Pearson, Georgia 31642
Phone: (912) 310-0650

We welcome you into the South Georgia Quail Hunting adventure that we call ATCO Plantation. ATCO Plantation is your family oriented hunting and fishing plantation.

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Barnsley Resort
597 Barnsley Gardens Rd NW, Adairsville, Georgia 30103
Phone: (770) 773-7480

Just an hour from Atlanta in North Georgia, SpringBank Plantation encompasses 1800 acres which have been developed and managed for some of the finest upland quail and pheasant hunting in the world. The hunting courses are made up of twelve arge areas of rolling hills and flat lands which have been planted with an excellent quail habitat of broomsedge, lovegrass, partridge peas, milo, native grasses and tall Georgian plantation pines to make it challenging for bird hunters. As bobwhite coveys burst into the air, hunters are taken back to the days when wild birds were prominent in this part of the world. Quail hunting, pheasant releases, mixed bag hunts are offered in season, with turkey hunting in the spring.

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Baypole Plantation
9465 GA Highway 111, Meigs, Georgia 31765
Phone: (229) 316-0729

Bobwhite Quail Hunting at Baypole Plantation - Your everyday worries are quickly placed aside as you are mesmerized by the dogs working their way through the rolling piney woods. They halt on point, and your heart pounds with anticipation as you edge forward on the hidden quail covey. This is a day of quail hunting at Baypole Plantation. Let our professional guides lead the way through land that has been quail hunted for generations in pursuit of the legendary bobwhite quail.

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Beaver Pond Farm
980 Bear Creek Rd, Luthersville, Georgia 30251
Phone: (404) 237-4286

We have over 1,200 acres of pristine hunting property, with over 500 acres solely devoted to upland bird hunting. We have a 6 bedroom lodge capable of sleeping 16 and also overlooks a 5 acre lake.

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Big Red Oak Plantation
8428 Greenville Rd., Gay, Georgia 30218
Phone: (706) 538-6870, Pro Shop: (706) 538-6222

The morning quail hunt begins at approximately 9:00 A.M. and lasts until noon. The afternoon hunt begins at 2:00 P.M. and lasts until dusk. Lunch is included in the price of the full day hunt, or with reservations, can be provided with a half-day hunt. A hunting party consists of one guide with at least four dogs and two hunters per party ( three maximum). The guide will pick the hunters up in front of the lodge in a pickup truck or jeep and proceed to one of the 8 quail courses.

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Black Creek Plantation
690 Carl Smith Road, McIntyre, Georgia 31054
Phone: (478) 387-5650

At Black Creek Plantation, you can enjoy bobwhite quail hunting in plantation style and comfort. Whether it is a corporate retreat or a group of old friends, guest will experience fast paced quail hunting over exceptional guides with well trained dogs .

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Boggy Pond Plantation
1084 Lanier Rd., Moultrie, Georgia 31768
Phone: (229) 985-5395

Boggy Pond Plantation offers bobwhite quail hunting in the heart of south Georgia’s quail country. The forest is dotted with with food plots that offer both, feed to maintain a large native quail population and necessary cover for protection. You will find the gently rolling terrain perfect for riding or walking. The hunting is at a leisurely pace usually about three hours in the morning and afternoon.

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Buckeyes Plantation
1250 Jersey Social Circle Road, Covington, Georgia 30014
Phone: (770) 294-9688

Buckeye Plantation has 2500 acres of Bobwhite Quail habitat comprised of a classic combination of fallow farm field, hardwood drains and pine/grass Savannah. It is carefully managed and cultivated to provide optimal cover for bird coveys.

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Burnt Pine Plantation
1161 Blackwell Rd., Newborn, Georgia 30056
Phone: (706) 557-0407

The Southeast is famous for quail and at Burnt Pine you will experience the finest quail hunting in Georgia. But there is more then just quail, pheasants can be hunted on Continental shoots as part of a party, or done on a walk up pheasant hunt, or for real excitement do a clean-up hunt after a Continental shoot. There are also flushing Chukar hunts, or either bird can be added to a quail hunt. For real variety you can also do a full day Mixed Bag Hunt and hunt all three species on the same outing.

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Cabin Bluff
3852 Union Carbide Road, Woodbine, Georgia 31569
Phone: (912) 729-5960

For outdoorsmen, a covey rising over well-trained bird dogs is an exhilarating sight. Quail hunts take place across an expanse of South Georgia intensively managed for quail. Watching our dogs work in longleaf and slash pine timber is a sight to behold. Our pointers are trained to be Steady to Wing and Shot, while our retrievers are taught to flush and to retrieve. Seasoned hunters will know pairing these two breeds provides a superior quail hunting experience. Many of the quail courses at Cabin Bluff offer unique scenic views. While in the quail woods, winding through patches of broomstraw and palmetto, you will encounter live oak groves, open pine woods and views of the Intracoastal Waterway - a truly unique quail hunting experience - one you will only find at Cabin Bluff. Cabin Bluff is an affiliate of the Beretta Trident program. Fewer than 5% of destinations worldwide qualify. A Beretta rating assures an extraordinary hunting experience.

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Cedars Farm Plantation
3521 Fowlstown Road, Fowlstown, Georgia 39852
Phone: (229) 416-5014

1000 acres of South Georgia pines and wiregrass. We are a Southern Hunting Plantation/ Preserve. Quail hunts are our specialty but we also offer archery only deer hunts and turkey hunts. Private parties, or rent our cookhouse for your next party.

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Come Away Plantation
8722 Elam Church Rd, Norwood, Georgia 30821
Phone: (706) 465-3292

Thank you for your interest in Come Away Plantation. Located right off of I-20 in Warren County Georgia, we are close enough for city dwellers to ease into the plantation lifestyle-if just for the day. During hunting season, we offer deer, quail and turkey hunts as well as continental pheasant shoots. Off-season, come enjoy the peacefulness of our 3000 acres where the only sounds you?ll hear will be the wildlife and the occasional tractor on its way to plant the annual crops.

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Covey Rise Plantation, Inc.
3929 River Road, Camilla, Georgia 31730
Phone: (229) 336-8600

They love quail hunting and they love helping guests have a great time. They all have many years of experience with dogs and shooting. As our guides are the backbone of your hunting trip, our dogs are the heart and soul. There are few sites in the outdoors more reverent than a brace of bird-dogs on point. It's almost better than the shooting. If you have your own dogs, they are welcome at CoveyRise.

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Dorchester Shooting Preserve
1174 Dorchester Village Rd., Midway, Georgia 31320
Phone: (912) 884-6999

Dorchester Shooting Preserve offers more than 5,000 acres of pristine quail habitat. The property has been managed for more than 10 years, offering early released fast-flying birds. Dorchester supplements its own wild bird population seasonally, giving hunters the best flying birds possible. As a wing-shooter, you know that a personable, skilled and safe guide can make all the difference in your day in the field. At Dorchester, our guides have years of hunting experience and possess the skills and know-how to ensure you have a quality experience. Our hunts are designed to accommodate two hunters per guide and hunt buggy to optimize your time in the field.

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Etowah Valley Game Preserve
110 Leon Jones Rd, Dawsonville, Georgia 30534
Phone: (678) 410-0983

Etowah Valley Game Preserve is a perfect location for hunting Pheasant, Chukar and Quail among rows of sorghum, millet, lespedeza, and Egyptian wheat and other cover crops as well as natural cover. Our Preserve currently hunts on over 600 acres in 10 distinct Hunting Areas ranging in size from 30 acres to 60 acres.

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Fieldstone Hunting Preserve
5250 Hwy 80, Dry Branch, Georgia 31020
Phone: (478) 250-0913

Formed in 2019, Fieldstone has spent the last 5 years outfitting the southern sportsman. With the opening of the Fieldstone Hunting Preserve to the public in Fall 2024, a new chapter in our story begins. Come join us for some southern hospitality and feel the rush of a hunting experience that you’ll never forget.

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Finch Mill Crek Hunting Preserve
410 Beulah Church Road, Quitman, Georgia 31643
Phone: (229) 263-8485

Finch Mill Creek Farm is a family owned farm consisting of 550 acres of natural and planted pine timber, hardwood heads and bottoms, and cypress swamps. It is located 12 miles south of Quitman, Georgia on the Georgia/Florida state line. We are a small business that offers you friendly and personal service and a memorable hunting experience. Quail hunting on this farm by family members goes back well over 75 years. Let us share our love for the sport with you.

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Flat Creek Lodge
367 Bishop Chapel Church Rd., Swainsboro, Georgia 30401
Phone: (478) 237-3474

Flat Creek Lodge specializes in traditional hunts for bob white quail and pheasants using retrievers and pointers. Our resident outfitter leads exciting hunts for our native wild turkeys. Another of our popular sports is the Continental Tower Shoots for ducks and ring-neck pheasant. Strategically placed tree stands for white tailed deer, specifically designed for safety, offer easy access and swivel seats. Flat Creek Lodge raises its own game to insure the health and quality of our birds.

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Gray Ghost Plantation
5851 Conners Mill Road, Mauk, Georgia 31058
Phone: (478) 334-5841

Our Quail hunting plantation offers a very comfortable lodge which includes wireless internet and Hi def satellite television your stay with us will be comfortable. Our quail hunts are tailored to the hunter or groups needs, weather you are a corporate group or a group of guys or gals wanting to get away and quail hunt this is the place. With affordable rates, a nice lodge and over 1200 acres of land Gray ghost plantation is the place to book your next quail hunting adventure.

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Hanging Rocks Plantation
1192 Honey Ridge Rd, Millen, Georgia 30442
Phone: (478) 494-4406

HRP opened for guided quail hunting in 1996. Since then we have provided many quality hunts and they just keep getting better every year. We can accommodate up to 6 hunters at one time and we also only take out one group of hunters at a time. We can hunt with as few as two in a party. What we’ve learned over the years, is that by limiting the number of guests, we can insure your quality of quail hunting.

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HighPoint Plantation
627 Loyd Rd., Meigs, Georgia 31765
Phone: (229) 941-5309

HighPoint is located in the heart of the best quail habitat in South Georgia. The area agriculture and special plantings insure that the Bob White Quail is healthy and thriving. We specialize in traditional southern quail hunting. You will hunt various terrains, including open pine woodlands, broomsage/wiregrass fields and hardwood bottoms. You will hunt over well trained Pointers, Setters, and Brittanies. All hunts include guide, dogs and hunting buggy. We specialize in single party hunts, so your party will get our full attention. Our guides grew up enjoying quail hunting and know all of the little things that make your hunt a successful and memorable experience. We stress safety in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Come to HighPoint and let us help you experience one of the most exciting southern traditions.

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Lenox River Ranch
140 Albert Brady Rd., Lenox, Georgia 31637
Phone: (229) 563-3061

I-75 on the Little River offers a 8800 square foot Lodge with 6 bedrooms with double occupancy, multi functional Entertainment Room, and a 5500 square foot Pool and Patio designed with a tropical yet southern atmosphere. Lenox River Ranch Conference Room is designed to function in a relaxed atmosphere with seating for 22 (additional seating available), Optima, Screen, D.S.L. Internet service and Satellite T.V. and kitchenette including light snacks. We offer released Quail Hunts that includes Guide, Trained Dogs, and pulled Wagons. Also within minutes of the Ranch are 6 golf courses' one of which is Kinderlou home of the Nation Wide Tour.

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Little River Plantation
1680 Warwick Hwy, Ashburn, Georgia 31714
Phone: (229) 567-3584

Little River Plantation offers exceptional wing shooting and trophy bass fishing experiences for the discriminating sportsman on our exclusive 14,000 acre property. We offer multiple quail hunting options for the wingshooting enthusiast. Whether you’re visiting with a few close friends or as a Corporate Group looking for some time away, quail hunting is our specialty. Multitudes of fast flying quail, the careful working of the dogs, combined with the action and camaraderie amongst fellow hunters and guide, offer a wonderful respite from the doldrums of the business world.

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Lonesome Jake Preserve
6020 Rockmills Rd, Franklin, Georgia 30217
Phone: (706) 837-0947

At the Lonesome Jake Preserve, you will enjoy one of the most relaxing quail hunting experiences in the south. Unlike most shooting preserves, we offer a total private hunt. When you book a hunt at the Lonesome Jake, you are reserving the preserve all to yourself and your party. We also are one of the most affordable and convenient hunting options available. We are located 45 minutes from Newnan or Carrollton and 25 minutes from LaGrange, Georgia. We offer full service guided hunts with well trained dogs. Hunters are also welcome to bring their own dogs. We will have everything ready when you arrive. (ask about the good ‘ol boy special). We specialize in bobwhite quail hunts. We also offer pheasant and chucker with some advance notice.

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Lucy June Plantation
1127 Old Andersonville Rd, Andersonville, Georgia 31711
Cell: (229) 942-0677

Lucy June Hunting Plantation was started with a dream and passion for the outdoors. Family owned and operated, Lucy June Plantation will make you and your family feel like you are right at home. We have a wide selection of hunting options ranging from Quail, Wild Boar, Turkey and even world class White Tail Deer. Serving the Albany area we have many attractions that are not just for hunting, so bring the family along for some family fun entertainment.

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McCranie Quail Plantation
297 Vilula Church Rd, Eastman, Georgia 31023
Phone: (478) 374-3064

With over 3,000 acres, our guides put you in position to shoot open, planted fields, as well as long-leaf pine stands. This terrain gives you many different looks and shots at some of the best quail in Georgia. Grab your gun and shells and put on some briar britches, ‘cause we’re ready to take you hunting. We offer a variety of different packages to our customers. Quail season is October 1st - March 31st.

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Myrtlewood Plantation
P.O. Box 2627 Lower Cairo Rd, Thomasville, Georgia 31792
Business 1: (229) 228-6232

Southwest Georgia has been called the quail capital of the United States. Myrtlewood Plantation offers released quail hunting by Backwoods, Inc. The hunts are conducted with dogs and guides, hunting from the Backwoods jeep, as you ride through beautiful wooded land. Backwoods, Inc. will furnish the dogs, rigs, and guides for your hunt.

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Noontootla Creek Farms
3668 Newport Road, Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513
Phone: (706) 838-0585

Noontootla Creek Farms is a special place to go Quail or Pheasant hunting. You will feel the thrill of this Southern Appalachian Mountain gem the first time you put your eyes on the landscape. This old - family farm has a warm appeal. The atmosphere is one that perfectly suits the hunter with a love of the outdoors. Crisp morning air and a bountiful landscape stir the soul. In autumn, the cool mornings fire the colors of the fall leaves, and Fall leaves mean quail hunting in the North Georgia Mountains.

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Old Mill Quail Preserve
668 Moores chapel road, Wrightsville, Georgia 31096
Phone: (478) 697-0172

Our preserve offers fast flying weathered conditioned bobwhite quail. The early release program we have in places makes for the closest thing that you can get to a wild bird.

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Pine Hill Plantation
2537 GA Hwy 253 (Spring Creek Road), Donalsonville, Georgia 39845
Phone: (229) 758-2464

Pine Hill Plantation is the only Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting facility offering mule-drawn wagon and horseback hunting as it has been done for over 150 years. Located in the heart of the "quail-belt" of southwest Georgia.

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Piney Creek Plantation
8150 Jones Mill Rd, Dawson, Georgia 39842
Phone: (229) 317-3624

Quail hunting is our specialty, but there is a wide variety of other game lurking on our land. Many hunters in the South Georgia area were raised with a rifle in hand, and now enjoy passing that tradition on to the next generation. That is why Piney Creek structures hunting getaway packages to be family-oriented and surprisingly affordable. We believe that hunting can and should be a bonding experience, shared by family and friends alike.

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Quail Country Plantation
1134 Quail Country Road, Arlington, Georgia 39813
Phone: (866) 597-8245

Over 3,500 acres of the most beautiful plantation land in the south is managed intensely to provide the best wildlife habitat. Our bird dogs are the finest in the south, and they live year round in one of the finest, "State of the Art" kennels in the country. Our hunting guides are the most professional knowledgeable, experienced and courteous guides in the south. All of this will ensure that your experience at Quail Country Plantation will be the best quail hunting experience that you have ever had.

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Quailridge Plantation
3281 Moye Road, Moultrie, Georgia 31768
Phone: (229) 985-5011

Quailridge Plantation offers classical bobwhite hunting in open longleaf pine woods in the heart of Georgia’s best quail country. It’s located in the famed quail plantation belt between Thomasville and Albany Georgia, 60 miles North of Tallahassee, Fla. On more than 4,500 acres of gently rolling terrain, the open forest floor is covered with wire grass and dotted with food strips.

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Red Fern Plantation
1640 Red Fern Lane, Statesboro, Georgia 30461
Office: (912) 531-2482

In South Georgia there in nothing quite like the experience of seeing a covey of Bobwhite Quail flushed up by an exceptional bird dog. Watching the dog go on point and knowing you can trust his nose, flushing up the birds and taking aim. What else could you ask for? What a way to start a day. Red Fern Plantation has been managed intensely for native and naturalized quail. Our native grasses and land management offers exceptional habitat for a quail paradise.

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Red Pebble Plantation
10728 Hwy 159 N, Rebecca, Georgia 31783
Phone: (229) 643-1888

A legacy in its own right, Red Pebble Plantation has built its reputation on family values, integrity and the tradition of southern heritage and hospitality. The hunts are timeless, classic and authentic; professionally guided and managed to ensure quality hunting, southern style. Nestled in approximately 3000 acres of South Georgia long leaf pines, wiregrass and open sage, the preserve guarantees privacy and comfort. As guests arrive to relax to "blue-sky" thinking with minimal distractions, they are welcomed like family and treated the same. The newly constructed 7000 square foot lodge makes their stay memorable and pleasurable; accommodating as many as eighteen.

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Rio Piedra Plantation
5749 S. Turkey Road, Camilla, Georgia 31730
Phone: (229) 336-1677

At Rio Piedra Plantation, our quail hunting experience is unparalleled to other hunting lodges in Georgia. Due to our unique location and veteran guides, we have won multiple awards including the Orvis Wingshooting Lodge of the Year Award making us one of the top hunting plantations in Georgia. Call 1-229-336-1677 to book your bobwhite quail hunting trip today

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Riverview Plantation
11991 Riverview Road, Camilla, Georgia 31730
Phone: (229) 294-4904

Along with abundant game, Riverview offers a wide choice of cover to hunt quail... live oak woods, open stands of pine, feed strips, field borders, broomsedge and weed fields and the rugged banks of the Flint River. During the morning shoot, you and your hunting partner will have hundreds of acres to yourselves. You’ll range over a different course during your afternoon hunt. In fact, during a week’s stay, you’ll never hunt quail in the same area twice.

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RoseAllen Plantation
178 North Hamilton St., Lyons, Georgia 30436
Phone: (912) 293-5014

Your quail hunt will be conducted in towering Georgia pines in the midst of wiregrass, broom sedge, native grass savannahs, quail food plots, and fields of native grasses and forbs. All from our custom built bird buggies. You will be accompanied by our professional hunting guides and well-trained bird dogs. Food and drinks are always close at hand. Here at RoseAllen Plantation we don't use hunting courses we use the whole plantation. We let the dogs, birds and guides dictate the hunt, not a preset course. You and your guest will experience fast flying quail in true Southern style. Here at RoseAllen Plantation we have a very healthy wild quail population and to supplement that we have a patent pending quail program. The results are more coveys per acres that will flush together and fly hard and fast.

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Samara Plantation
PO Box 356, Norman Park, Georgia 31771
Phone: (912) 769-3065

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Silver Shoe Ranch
4633 Nance Spring Road SE, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Phone: (770) 548-2200

Silver Shoe Ranch is a quail hunting preserve located in southern Whitfield County and extends into the northern end of Gordon County on which lies the old Confederate Railroad where several historical events took place during the Civil War, the most famous of which being the Great Locomotive Chase. Our fast-flying birds, great bird dogs, and courteous professional guides make for a great wing shooting experience for the seasoned quail hunter as well as the first timer.

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Smoking Gun Plantation
719 Gunsmoke Road, Ashburn, Georgia 31714
Phone: (229) 894-8115

Another year has gone by and we are preparing for the opening of Quail Season. The season runs from October 1st through March 31st. We have already booked several hunts and would like to remind you to contact us to schedule your hunts while you still have choices for availability. Our dogs are ready to go. They have had a long restful summer and are anxious to hit the ground. Cal has been working hard to prepare the grounds for your arrival and is also ready for your arrival.

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South Fork Hunting Preserve
685 Brays Lake Road, Royston, Georgia 30662
Phone: (706) 255-9524

Nestled perfectly in the scenic foothills of the North Georgia mountains, South Fork Hunting Preserve is dedicated to providing hunters with a quality upland bird hunting experience. Located conveniently in Danielsville, Georgia, South Fork is just over an hour drive from both Atlanta and South Carolina. Come hunt some of the finest flying bobwhite quail, pheasants, and chukars in Georgia on a variety of different hunting courses set up to cater to your needs.

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Southern Legends Plantation
P.O. Box 52, Attapulgus, Georgia 39815
Phone: (229) 246-6427

At Southern Legends we have some of the finest quail hunting in South Georgia. Our expert guides and trained dogs are sure to put you on the birds providing you with a hunt you will surely never forget! Before your hunt we will head out and shoot some clays to get you ready, then load up on the buggy and head out to the field. We have various quail courses to challenge your hunting skills and provide an exciting hunt. We know you will enjoy your hunting experience with us and look foward to seeing you!

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Southern Woods Plantation
2321 Hwy 33 South, Sylvester, Georgia 31791
Lodge: (229) 776-0585

The quail hunting at Southern Woods Plantation is truly "Southern Style." We are located in the famous "Bobwhite Belt" of Georgia which is known for a long tradition of hunting "The Prince of Game Birds." Our hunters may enjoy our authentic mule drawn wagon or our specially designed four-person buggies. You will be accompanied by our professional guides and some well-trained hunting dogs.

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Southpoint Plantation
3515 Betty Wise Rd, Bronwood, Georgia 39826
Phone: (229) 995-4890

Southpoint at Showtime Plantation is a privately owned and managed hunting plantation spanning over 5,000 acres in the heart of Terrell County, Georgia. The southern tradition and heritage of quail hunting on Southpoint Plantation dates back to the very early 1900's and continues today for the enjoyment of avid sportsmen like you. This year's Quail Season promises to be the best at Southpoint, with new and expanded courses! We now have a total of five quail courses to go with our five new hunting jeeps, all of which are waiting for you! Practice your shooting at the Wobble Trap pond before heading out for a great day of hunting!

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Southwind Plantation
670 Bower Station Road, Attapulgus, Georgia 39815
Office: (800) 456-5208

If you’re looking for the finest quail hunting experience in the world, SouthWind Plantation is the place for you. SouthWind boasts five thousands acres of wiregrass areas and long leaf pine, which creates the perfect atmosphere to experience quail hunting at its finest. Each of our quail hunting tracts is extensively managed with prescribed burning and food plots to ensure a quality hunting experience for our guests from one year to the next

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Southwind Sporting Clays & Quail Hunting Preserve
16761 Highway 84, Quitman, Georgia 31643
Phone: (229) 605-0085

Southwind Sporting Clays and Quail Hunting, also known as Myrtlewood Sporting Clays, Inc., was the first established sporting clays course in the state of Georgia. Nestled deep among the southern pines of Georgia we offer something for everyone. We specialize in entertaining family, friends, and corporate executives of any size. We offer sporting clay courses as an enjoyable challenge to both the pleasure shooter, the wing shooter, and the tournament shooter. Our sporting clays course offers 16 fully automatic stations located in over a mile of upland pine plantation that can be both challenging and pleasurable. We offer wobble trap shooting and an NSCA 5-stand. The wobble trap and 5-stand is shot from a covered pavilion with fans to help keep you cool while shooting. This area is also equipped for night shooting. Here at Southwind we offer true southern quail hunting. We offer a peaceful atmosphere and true southern hospitality. Our guides are very professional and work with some amazing well-trained hunting dogs.

Learn more about Southwind Sporting Clays & Quail Hunting Preserve

SpringBank Plantation
597 Barnsley Gardens Road, Adairsville, Georgia 30103
Phone: (770) 773-2457

Just an hour from Atlanta in North Georgia, SpringBank Plantation encompasses 1800 acres which have been developed and managed for some of the finest upland quail and pheasant hunting in the world. The hunting courses are made up of twelve arge areas of rolling hills and flat lands which have been planted with an excellent quail habitat of broomsedge, lovegrass, partridge peas, milo, native grasses and tall Georgian plantation pines to make it challenging for bird hunters. As bobwhite coveys burst into the air, hunters are taken back to the days when wild birds were prominent in this part of the world. Quail hunting, pheasant releases, mixed bag hunts are offered in season, with turkey hunting in the spring.

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Standing Boy Creek Farms
11911 Whitesville Road, Fortson, Georgia 31808
Phone: (706) 596-8968

Our Love for the outdoors has inspired our family to start up a Hunting Preserve, Sporting Clays Course, and Equestrian Center. While we still have a long way to go...the journey has been and continues to be AMAZING!

Learn more about Standing Boy Creek Farms

The Ford Farm
414 Cross Creek Road, Lakeland, Georgia 31635
Ford Farm: (229) 560-1791, Phone: (229) 482-9465

Step back in time on the Ford Farm Plantation. Quail hunting with unforgettable southern hospitality. Here in South Georgia, no other sport can match a good quail hunt. Ford Farm is known for its well trained dogs and excellent quail. Ralph Berryhill, our chief guide and dog trainer (and tall-tale teller) has trained dogs for over 40 years and put on thousands of hunts. Ralph and his staff are passionate about hunting and take great pride in working the dogs. When the leaves rustle and the covey flushes, you’ll know it’s about more than shooting.

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