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Cabin Bluff

Cabin Bluff

3852 Union Carbide Road
Woodbine, GA 31569

Contact Info:
Phone: (912) 729-5960


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For outdoorsmen, a covey rising over well-trained bird dogs is an exhilarating sight. Quail hunts take place across an expanse of South Georgia intensively managed for quail. Watching our dogs work in longleaf and slash pine timber is a sight to behold. Our pointers are trained to be Steady to Wing and Shot, while our retrievers are taught to flush and to retrieve. Seasoned hunters will know pairing these two breeds provides a superior quail hunting experience. Many of the quail courses at Cabin Bluff offer unique scenic views. While in the quail woods, winding through patches of broomstraw and palmetto, you will encounter live oak groves, open pine woods and views of the Intracoastal Waterway - a truly unique quail hunting experience - one you will only find at Cabin Bluff. Cabin Bluff is an affiliate of the Beretta Trident program. Fewer than 5% of destinations worldwide qualify. A Beretta rating assures an extraordinary hunting experience.