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Wild Wing Lodge

Wild Wing Lodge
Rhett Kermicle
2680 Longbranch Rd.
Sturgis, KY 42459

Contact Info:
Phone: (810) 813-1608


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Our goal at Wild Wing is to replicate the best wild bird hunt that our guests have ever had (or heard of). That said, we are hunting on South Dakota-like big property right in beautiful Kentucky........12,000+ acres, which means the birds don't get pressured. Consequently, the quail at Wild Wing Lodge fly incredibly wild, hard and fast (and are in big coveys, many number 20+ some over 100 birds). We have all experienced a put and take hunt. We offer something different at Wild Wing. Wild Wing is a special world reserved for you. A rewarding world of open fields, eager dogs at the point, guns at the ready, and startling whir of a covey rise!