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Oak Ridge Hunting Lodge

Oak Ridge Hunting Lodge
556 County Road 33
Louisville, AL 36048

Contact Info:
Days: (334) 266-5346
Nights: (334) 266-5607
Cell: (334) 301-8021


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Oak Ridge Lodge quail hunts start around 8:30 a.m. after hunters are treated to a large country breakfast. After breakfast, we offer hunters a chance to "warm up" on our skeet shooting course. Here you can sharpen your reaction times to prepare for the fun and excitement during your Quail Hunt. Half Day and Full Day Quail Hunts. Quail hunts last for about 3 hours per half a day hunt and around 7 hours for a day hunt. On a typical quail hunt a group of hunters will travel by a custom buggy, pulled by a jeep equipped with everything needed for a day in the field. Quail Hunting Conditions and Cover. We will hunt a variety of terrains and cover, and travel across hundreds of acres in a days hunt. Dogs are provided and worked by your professional guide. If you choose, you may bring your own dogs and our guides will simply lead you and your dogs to the action